In 2018 the HCA Forum team will be raising money for the Alex Lewis Trust. Alex's story is a staggering one involving Strep A, Septicemea and Necrotising Fasciitis; resulting in a quadruple amputation and facial reconstruction as the infection ravaged his body.  You can find out more about Alex and the trust by clicking on this logo:

In early 2018 we will be challenging members of the HCA to undertake a walk for charity that reflects a multiple of 70 (in recognition of our 70th year).  More details will follow, but as an example the 2018 Forum Management Team are looking to undertake a 70km walk that links up the three branches that are responsible for orgainsing the event.

For more information on how you can be involved use one of these contact options:


T: 0845 108 5504