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Dalston's Soda

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Created by chefs in an East London nightclub, Dalston’s was born to shake up the soft drinks industry with carefully crafted, full-flavoured soda that’s better for your insides and respectful of the planet. While we no longer make each drink by hand, we’re still made by chefs and we still hold onto our core values. We hunt down and select the finest quality ingredients and have a farm-friendly supply chain that supports small UK farms. Our drinks are free from refined sugar, artificial ingredients or anything nasty. Dalston’s is stocked in over 6,000 retail, food service and on-trade outlets. But that’s just the start.

GUT HEALTH - Born in a nightclub and crafted by chefs, Dalston's makes great tasting soda that's better for your insides. Their new functional range features a unique microbiome blend for digestion, immunity and metabolism.
Every can includes 3g of Fibre, 15% of your recommended daily intake of Zinc and Magnesium, and Botanicals Lemon Balm and Baobab.

OUR MISSION -  Dalston's is leading the charge for next generation healthy fizzy drinks. By going back to basics, using real natural ingredients, we're passionate about offering the tastiest and healthiest fizz.  Now you can HAVE

MADE WITH REAL FRUIT - Blended with real squeezed fresh fruit for a real fruity hit of flavour.

HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE - Our sparkling drinks are the perfect healthier alternative to the usual fizzy drinks, they taste delicious however don’t include any added sugar or artifical sweeteners, naturally.

3 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - All of our sparkling drinks include 3 simple ingredients: 1. Real Squeezed Fruit 2.  Sparkling Water 3.  Natural Flavourings.

LOW CALORIE - Only 46 Calories - No added sugar - No artificial sweeteners - Vegan Friendly - All Natural.

GIVING BACK -  Fantastic not plastic, carbon neutral by end of 2021.