Review 2022

You can view and purchase images from the 2021 HCA Leadership & Development Forum via our photographers website - click here

Copies of the presenations from the HCA Leadership & Development Forum can be found below.

Highlights from the HCA Leadership & Development Forum 2022

Natasha’s Law: Watch Nadim & Tanya Ednan-Laperouse’s powerful and emotional presentation from this year’s HCA Leadership & Development Forum.

PDF icon Andy Twells, Wrap2.49 MB
PDF icon Brian Robb1.93 MB
PDF icon Natasha Allergy Research Foundation491.47 KB
PDF icon NHS Supply Chain - Nick Vadis1.8 MB
PDF icon Phil Hambling, NFU2.73 MB
PDF icon Tim Radcliffe265.93 KB
PDF icon Eating Better Simon Billing743.73 KB
PDF icon Sarah Ouanhnon NHS England1.1 MB
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